No Death - text

my baby has a swollen face
long stiff limbs
them eyes are black pits
of a place where I’ve been

her hair is long
still smells like mud
she answered to my kiss
with a rotten tongue

no death can
tear us apart

her body is cold
well its gonna get colder
but my love will ignite
what was left to smoulder
I move my hips
in her I am home
I’ll keep on loving
till the marrow dries from her bones

no death
can tear us apart

all day
I stay by her side
but death has a claim
and a right to my bride
I shut the doors
pull the curtains and hide
I heard something moving
somewhere outside

no death can
tear us apart

but death comes a sneaking in
trough the keyholes
he’s clever and he knows
what’s beneath the floorboards
death comes to feast
like a greedy hungry beast
he wants it all
and here he crawls
and here he crawls
and here he crawls...

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