The Travelin' Life - text

Never was a stay-at-home,
I've wandered hill and valley,
with my two companions,
Mister Rand and Mister McNally.

Me, I like the travelin' life,
Yes I like to get around.
I found that the life for me
Is bound to be
So free and easy, easy and free.

No matter where I chance to roam,
Where I hang my hat, that's home!
I know the life for me
Is just to be
So free and easy, easy and free.
The travelin', the travelin',
I love the travelin' life!

Pack your grip, come with me,
And we will see Capri
And be in Napoli
For a weekend of fun.
Plan a trip to Paris,
There is a bistro on the left bank I like,
'Cause it's frankly a place most tourists shun.

Why not try the travelin' life?
You'll never want to settle down in town!
Once you see it my way,
Hit the highway,
Every main road, every byeway!

I won't give up the travelin' life,
I'll give it all I've got to give!
The free and easy, easy and free,
The travelin' life is the life for me,
Yes that's the life for me!
Some me!
Some me!

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