I'm All I've Got - text

I'm all I've got!
No matter what,
You cannot rearrange me
Into a shy, a demure and a strange me;
You'll never change me
To what I'm not,
I'm all I've got!
And I've got
Quite a lot
Of whatever I've got!

One thing I'm not,
I'm not a leaf in the gale that is blowing,
Won't take a trail till I know where it's going!
The boat I'm rowing,
A yacht it's not!
Who needs a yacht
When I've got
Such a lot
Of whatever I've got?

I don't admire a million sheep
Who walk around just like a heaple;
I'd rather jump right off a steeple!
Or buy a firing shod, be squat!
Or buy a firing squad, be shot!
Then rot
In a pignall or a slot!

I'm all I've got!
And when I look in the mirror I love it, wha!
So let the whole world condemn me, what of it!
I rise above it!

My simple plan
Is to be what I am!
I am me and that's how you'll take me,
You'll find you can't domesticate or break me!
I am me and you can never make me
What I'm not!
I am stuck with whatever I've got!
So rise or fall,
I'm all I've got!

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