Your Favorite Song - text

Girl what can I say
That song ain't got you like mines do
I'm all up in your head
I'm your favorite song
C-c-can't stop the track girl
Admit I got you
R-running it back
This your favorite song
Ay, I'm always there when your tears fall on your pillow
I'm here to cheer you up
I'm your favorite song
You always want me around
D-ditto, as long as I got you
It's whatever you want

Now turn me up
Girl we're gonna celebrate
Here's to us
Girl what would I be without you
Long as you're the DJ
It won't end ay
You could start me all over

This your song girl
Feel that b-b-beat
Listen to it all night long girl
You know I'm your favorite song ay
Leanin' to your song ay
Rockin' to it
Every time you hear it come on
So spin this back-to-back
Become your favorite part girl
Sing loud as you can
It's your favorite song
You got it bad
I'm all up in your heart girl
I'm gon' turn it up
I'm your favorite song

Let's meet up tonight
On your stereo like we
Always used to do
Girl it's been too long
Ohh, just like that
I'm in synch with your heartbeat
Memories coming back
It's your favorite song
You find yourself in distress
Girl I'm your hero
I'm here to cheer you up, up
I'm your favorite song
You ever doubt that's a fact
Cue up that intro
As long as I got you
It's whatever you want

Mic check, one two, one two
I ain't really checkin' for no one but you
We got this connection
So long as you keep listening

I drown out all the outside noise
So you could hear my voice girl

Clap it up when you here that sound
Don't this make you you feel like
You ridin' round with the windows down
Run it back [x3]
Every time we chillin'
Amplified feelings
Baby let it all out

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