Must be a juggalo - text

Must be a juggalo
By: Midnite Angel

I must be a juggalo
Cuz I scream whoop, whoop
To the juggalo family that
I love so damn much
If you fuck with me or
My family I’ll rip off
Your balls put them in a blender
Then give them back to you to
Drink like a strawberry milkshake
Psychopathic is the way to go
Cuz I’m down with the clown

I must be a juggalo
Cuz I hate main stream
And cuz I take care of
All my homies and all my girls
I wanna rip out your heart
Chop it into tiny pieces
And feed it to my wolves
But they wouldn’t eat a
Fake ass wanna be

I must be a juggalo
Cuz I live by the code
Of honor I never let my
Homies down
I never drop the hatchet
I never turn my back on the clown
Or the juggalo family
I’m a mother fucking juggalo deal with it

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