Come to Me - text

I remember when you said life was hard on you,
And, I remember when I watched you come undone again.
And I still feel now, all the damage kept inside.

All the walls that you built up,
And all the bridges you burnt down,
In the end, it comes down to, I'm the one always around.

Come to me. I'll set you free
Come to me. Make me believe you'll,
Come to me, and I will help you crawl,
Won't let you fall, show you how to breathe.
So come to me.

I believe in how the past can never be undone.
And I believe that now, if I hold you, you can see the sun.
And I believe it now, in the future you'll let me inside.

All it takes is time to see.
All you need is room to breathe.
I can feel it through my mind,
Now all you need is me.

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