Mr. Jones (freestyle) - text

I Am Stack
I Spend That Paper
Making Five Times Back
And Five Times Weight
I Don't Need A Couple Millions
Five Time Dead
Have To Kill It Nigger
How About This
Go Give Me A Brick
Millions In To The Pit
Tell Them To Tell Them To
Cause We Fall .Attention

.. Like They Never Met You
.. Be By The Way I Walk
Be By The Way I Talk
Hating Cause I Had Your Bitch
Hating Cause I Am Getting This
I Call It Prime Time
I Am Gonna Do Five Time.. Outside
Popping Like A Every Single Of You Hate Me
.. Money In This Jungle .. I Need Ma Finish
To Tell You Why I Am Simply A Hustler
.. Fuck What They Are Telling ..Fuck What
Yeah Yeah And Am Around With My Niggers

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