Friday - text

It’s Friday, people get loose
I&I will put on my dancin’ shoes
It’s Friday, tonight we get high
Grab me one pound, we need some supply

Let me joss release di stress
Anada one big blunt man ah feel like a blessed
Man ah tell yuh neva eva give up pon grass
Manamanmajk inna mi hand it's a mess
Man ah gonna bounce like a basketball
All dem ah hot gyals take it low
Control di floor, gimme some more
Gyal ah real princess, no dutty hoe


Pokyman an' Shabba come fi rock up di place
If yuh feelin’ irie then jump to di bass
If yuh look fi weed then this is di place
Our Silver Haze will launch yuh to di space
Inna di positive mood, eating Ital food
Keep feelin’ fine without sniffin’ a line
I am finishin’ lines to keep this music alive
I am finishin’ lines to keep this music alive

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