We Can Get Down - text

It's a Party over here...

I'v been sweatin' you for such a long long time
I'll give you everything
If I could make you mine
Girl, the time is now to
Let your feelings flow
I just got to know
If we can, we can, we can, we can Get Down

We can get down
It's for real what you feel
It's all good babe
We can get down
Now's the time, Make you mine
Like I should babe.

Now don't you try to front
Cuz it's a natural feelin'
No use trying to hide it
Cuz your eyes are revealing
Don't you think it's time
That we start playin' games,
I know you feel the same
So we can [x 3]


We Can Get Down [x 4]




Text přidal Moonblade


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