Walk Away - text

You want something more than good
Always saying you wish you could
Take a chance at living out those hazy, crazy dreams
Feeling like this town is colder
Everybody gets older and older
The hardest lesson is learning life ain't always what
it seems

If you wanna walk away (walk away)
Ain't nobody making you stay (making you stay)
Baby it's a losing game
Win place or show
You'll never know
If you walk away
(ain't nobody making you stay)

You don't stay in one place for too long
Gets to feeling like your singing the same old song
All I'm saying is sometimes you just got to give it
You'd look anywhere for the answer
Maybe you should take a look in the mirror
All I'm saying is sometimes who you are ain't hard
to find

[chorus - repeat]

You'll never know
Maybe you'll find it's all in your mind
If you walk away

If you walk away, I ain't making you stay
Baby that's just a losers game you play
If you walk away, I ain't making you stay
And you'll never know if you walk away


Text přidal Moonblade


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