Let Me Take You For A Ride - text

Let me take you for a ride
We can do
Just what you like.
I want you seated by my side.
Let me take you for a ride.

Hey cutie, what's your name?
You're all alone
And it's a shame, it's a shame
What's wrong- you look so sad
I got a plan to take your blues away
Take them all away.

Don't you think it's time
For you to be good to you.
So come along with me and RIDE
Cuz everything's gonna be all right. So......


So baby Take my hand
You gotta know - That I will understand
Baby, I'm your man
Just put your trust in me
Relax and don't you try
To shy away, girl
Let's fly away.



Where do you wanna go
What do you wanna see
It's all up to you.
Come take a ride with Joe.
Be who you wanna be
And your dreams'll come true.

[Chorus x3]

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