Seer and the Sage - text

I was on my own, out of luck and feelin’ so down
Drinkin’ away my sorrows at a bar outside of town
As I followed the moonlight home, taking in the midnight air
A girl appeared out of the woods with flowers in her hair

“Follow me I am your shepherdess” she said
Spellbound I took her hand and through the night was led

A cabin lit by candlelight in an old forgotten grove
Skulls of ancient beasts hung from the walls
Sacred place of ritual – “These leaves contain the wisdom of the Gods”

Inhale the essence of infinity
Become one with all that ever was

Whoah-oh, I was shown the way by the seer and the sage

I opened my eyes and took a look around the forest and suddenly it all began to change
I felt as though my spirit had taken flight out of my body, I never in my life felt quite so strange
A storm of shapes and shadows began to dance before my eyes, my mind was washed away in a primeval rain
I spent eternity amongst the gods before returning, I began to wonder if I’d only gone insane

Inhale the essence of infinity
Become one with all that ever was


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