Run with the Hunted - text

Spend your days and nights in the fire
Sing your songs and dance around the flames
Just another dancer on the wire
Just another pawn inside the game


Who would run with the hunted just to die like the nameless prey?
Time is running out now - and you’re digging your own grave

One by one the wicked falling down below, no one hears their cries
Lost inside an endless crowd of silent mouths, deaf ears and blinded eyes
Predator, prey, what’s the difference when you’ve got nothing to lose?
Under the gun, now it’s time run - it’s time for you to choose



Now you run and the daylight seems to distant now
You played the game that turned the day into the night
Heat is rising and your wings are burning fast away
Someday you’ll realize that you can’t win this fight

Spend your days and your nights in the fire and you’ll burn, burn, burn


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