Black Ocean Overflow - text

Don’t look to the sea my friend it’s far too grim a sight
We have lost our way, there’s no going back

Centuries of wandering have led us to what we were never meant to find - Now the high ground’s running out
The sirens are singing a requiem for Gaia’s majesty
It echoes on the midnight sea

Civilization swept away in the black tide of consequence
The balance was off for far too long
After we are gone mother Earth can finally have her peace
And the cycle will carry on…

Black – The waters are rising everywhere
Black ocean overflow

This is the final hour you can feel it in the winds, and hear it in the thunder’s roar

The cleansing ritual has begun, a raging sea without a sign of shore


We’re all drops of tears in the ocean – an ocean that cares not for tears...
As we once rose from the sea to the sea we return...
Sirens are singing a requiem...
Hear them sing...

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