Superstar - text

MattyB goes hard when he rock's the might,
I'm like a young JB and i be the sneize
I'll be the first EMCEE
To be this tight but there is no seven year
Old who is like mine CHYEAH
I wanna Dream a big dream,
The new show i wanna pass to my friends
Now that's why i really wanna change,
The world with my flow
I can be it right and wrong,
That's why i try to create,right that song,
And people says it gets better,
But MattyB says it gets better forever and ever,
No matter the weather, now look what is better CHYEAH
We can change the world, Comin' on MattyB

Where ever you are, who ever you are
Never let anybody selfish,
'Cause you are na beautiful and special
We could be bestest friends forever.
You're never to young,
You never to smart,
To be a superstar.

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