Platinum (ft. Roberto Tiranti) - text

Why you don't hear
Don't you hear voice
Letting/leaving all the flowers get dried

Why don't you look
Don't you look in to my eyes
Full of darkness and fire

Why don't you take
Why don't you take my hand
Into my arms you'll be safe
And I'm here
Singing to you
Hard as a smile
Passion flows quickly in to my veins
I'm here
Don't loose your time

I'm platinum
Calling your name with/by a silent scream
Why don't you see
Don't you see my light
Leaving all the trouble behind

Why don't you come
Don't you come to me now
Look the horizon too far
Stop running round as a crazy wild ghost
Life is lipstick on glass
And I'm here
Hard as a smile
I seem so weak
But I have light and resistance
Look into my eyes
I am platinum

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