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Chains - text

Chains someone take these chains away and set me free
Chains of love and all will be the death of me
Why don’t you set me free
and let me be what I wanna be
That is I wanna be free I wanna be free

Chains I remember you want set me set me free
Chains chains chains you said will never have a hold of me
But that is different now
‘Cause you don’t care about the things I care just as long as I’m here
As long as I’m here

Chains of this love that hold me so close to you
Chains of this love that make me a part of you

Chains someday you will find that I have ran away
Chains chains you need more than chains cause I’ll be far away
Then I have time to see the things that I always wanted to see
But I couldn’t see no I couldn’t see
Chains chains of love
Chains chains of love

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