Run for cover - text

You have 7 more seconds to decipher your life
Before my tongue becomes a blade & your brain gets sliced
I warned you before I'm addicted to war
I was preying for armageddon on the day I was born

Incite & ignite
Cried my muse
Elevating IQ's as I enter the room

It's elemental
Defying gravity with these
Lyrical miracles & street philosophies

It's the chosen child
Destroying idols like a pentium

Processor, throw these rocks atcha
I be the queen weaving dreams with supreme lectures

Infect ya, lyrically dissect ya
I got control of your soul so no gods can protect ya

"you betcha" !
We can set ya free best believe that this tribe of mystery
Was born and bred to conceive

Brilliant galaxies of mind expanding poetry
Enemies know it's me, armed with mental weaponry

Ain't no testin' me, the tribe comes prepared to get live
You're just a drone to the hive, ain't no way you'll survive


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