Big City Blues - text

Much of my life has been spiced with romance

Too many bedrooms I've slept in by chance

Drownin' out my sorrow

Longin' for tomorrow

Caught up in the big city blues

Rain pourin' down from a cold winter sky

Don't wanna smile and I'm too sad to cry

Clouds hangin' above me

No one there to love me

guess it's just the big city blues

Someday I'll find me the dream that I'm after
I'll know her with only a glance

She'll make me smile
and she'll fill me with laughter
and our love will be like a dance

Skies will be clear and the sweet sun will shine
I'll hold her near and I'll know that she´s mine
No more stormy weather
Love will last forever
Good-bye to the big city blues

Text přidal atblatex

Text opravil DevilDan

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