Earthshaker - text

Mine, mine, mine, worker number one
Dusty black eyes hard muscles line
So piece by piece cut away the ground
Earth is shaking under the jackhammer sound
Nothing to feel, nothing to see
Slave of the darkness he used to be
Hammering coal and breathing gas
He come from gutter and destroy us

Earthshaker - has iron fists
Earthshaker - gives you shakebite kiss
Earthshaker - controls the underground

Sound, sound, sound, heavy rocking blast
Demin and leather with rusty spikes
Hear the drum, shake the ground
Earth is shaking under the metal sound
Everything well, everything right
Charge battery, max. overdrive
Play rock'n'roll all night long
You are the one who shake the ground

- blow up the fuse
- distorted old school muse
- crank the amp on ten
- world collide with you, "the MAN"

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