Close Your Eyes - text

"La Vie est belle" they say, but for those who's seen the sun - and I
Saw a couple of them - in the sky, and second in your eyes
I met you thousands of times in my mind, I thought, you're just a dream
Many years have passed and I proved that dreams come true per deam

I like your face, the way you talk - but you don't notice me, what the hell!
I like your mind, your style of work - okay, I don't need you as well!
If I'm obsessed with you, it means that somewhere in the world
there's a supreme dream of you - and she loves me more.

Сlose Your Eyes & you'll see the one whom I want you to be.
You are not... precious to me unlike that perfect version of Thee!
[So] Сlose Your Eyes once again and just let her to flow in your mind...
Oh - you know, it took the whole life of mine longing for girl of that kind.

People're almost strange, hide the best they have, behind the doors
Life is not a game, if it were, then we could use cheat-codes
So, I'm trying to find the right code to that Divine Console
Which can break the Law of Universe and free Thy splendid soul.

I feel you touching me - but you won't do it, so sad!
You will never give me a chance - but she wants, she's longing for that.
That angel's locked behind your eyes - and not allowed to life...
She has your body and your face, but she can't use it right!

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