Adoration - text

Down in adoration falling
This great sacrament we hail
Over ancient forms departing
Newer rites of grace prevail
Faith for all defects supplying
Where the feeble senses fail

To the everlasting Father
And the Son who reigns on high
With the Spirit blest, proceeding
Forth from each eternally
Be salvation, honor, blessing
Might and endless majesty

Jesus, Lamb of God, saving love for all
Lord of heaven and earth, Father's love for all
I bow to You
Jesus, Lamb of God, saving love for all
Lord of heav'n and earth
I bow to You, bow to You, I bow to You

Pour upon us, Lord of mercy
Spirit of Thy selfless love
Make of us one true heart yearning
For the glory of thy Son
Jesus, fire of justice blazing
Gladdening light forevermore

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