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Facing That - text

Radio chatter

It's back, maybe the instruments failed and maybe they didn't, there's only one way to find out


It wasn't your fault, Ellen . . . but make sure you get the reports to Washington before morning

Yes sir

Tell them to bring the satellite down for a full examination . . . Pete, can you handle recovery procedure all right by yourself?

All I have to do is wait until 43 North, push a couple buttons?

White is going to want to know where she went and why, that's going to mean examination of every instrument on board. Before anything else goes wrong, I'm heading home



This is Anderson, acknowledge. Where are you? . . .
yes, yes . . . it's true, I am your only friend, nobody even knows you exist, but they will . . .
it'll be the greatest day in the history of mankind

Come to bed, Tom

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