Amazing - text

You always take me back just one more time
No matter what I do
You never leave my side
The way you love me back just blows my mind
You're love is amazing

I never thought this would be
A supernova living dream
I'm living super free
Loving from a super theme
This is now
Open eyes
I can see the sun shine
And now our worlds collide
I realize it's my time

You always pick me up
When I've burst my bubble
You're still right there
Whenever I'm in trouble
I think it's super crazy
How you stay unchanging
You bring me back around, back around

You love, it rocks
(Your love is amazing)
It never stops
(Your love is amazing) [2x]

More, more
I'm in awe
I can't deny it
I take things too far
Huh, yeah there's no doubt
Anyone else would've kicked me out
That's what I love about ya
Hand on heart ?...?
You're heaven's champion
The Great I Am

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