Curse of the Iron King - text

Along the trail the wind is blowing,
sudden gust of fusty air.
Sad reminder of the years gone by.
Pile of rocks lies down the valley,
carved words, forgotten signs.
Tired statue that's pointing to the sky.
pre chorus

And who will mention those days of disgrace?
Which have gone away like dust! Ooo...

Now let the wind tell you the story.
All that recalls the past is stone.
Ten thousand years of purgatory.
As time goes by he dwells alone.
It's the curse of Iron King.

Anger pushes to the treason,
shrouding thoughts with pitch-black veil,
turning man into the mindless beast.
Brother stood against his brother,
and his eyes were blind to see,
that his heart was engulfed by the greed.


Hey stranger, slow down in journey.
And hear the whispers in the wind.
Let them remind you how I suffer.
And shed a tear for poor old King.


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The Curse of the Iron King

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