Hop Non Stop - text

I've been riding high on the feelings since I let you go
Happy days and disco Infernal on the radio
So come on, we belong cause the music is right

So come on, play the song cause it's Saturday night
I said forgetting you has helped me to remember how I used to club…

Gotta hop dont stop the music is time on a roll
Gotta hop and pop the feeling is cause I'm in soul
Gotta hop no stop gotta enter the light
Gotta hop and pop we're all through the night and rolled

You keep saying "baby I miss you, we have to try"
I keep saying "maybe tomorrow but it's all a lie"
Cause I'm great I feel fine it's a beautiful time
I can't wait for the night and I know it's a crime
But maybe now that you are gone I'm getting ready for the time of my life

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