The Unholy Gathering - text

A house deep in the woods
Covered in haze
Bats caught in spiderwebs
A witches place
A table made of bones
A banquette laid - Waiting
There are the four of them
One for each race
The ancient boogiemen
Stuck in their ways
Not one will compromise
No losing face - Standing
The great Demonarchy
The unholy gathering
The great Demonarchy
Their welcome is wearing thin
The ends closing in
Bloodsucker and the Witch
Have their disputes
The Wolf and the Undead
Have issues too
This dinner has been called
To hash it through - Barely
"I'm the chairman of this board"
Said the vampire in a rage
"There will be order in this board
Or damnit there's hell to pay"
Submit, submit, submit, submit
The Wolf's biding her time
The Witch sharpens her knife
There on the clearing's edge
Wanders a child
His sister Lizzy's lost
Out in the wild
He hopes that she's okay
He fears she's not
He's calling out her name
It's all for naught
"Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy..."

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