None For One - text

Her brother took her to the cellar that night
A secret shall remain here
The axe was laying on the floor in plain sight
Soon we'll have nothing to fear

And up the stairs, little feet they did climb
Crept in the room with such care
Daddy saw her swinging the blade

Brother smiled
They won't cry
Next day she's taken away
When questioned
He told them
Sister must have gone crazy

When the Devil's the dealer
It's one for all and none for one
No one believed her
It's one for all and none for one

The shrinks say she will never be cured
The little girl is so young
Mother is cold when she's visiting her
Her brother won't even come

When she dreams she's swinging the blade

Years go by, she realized
Brother has cut all her ties
She's inside
While brother live the good life

A voice he does not know
Whispers through the phone
Hey brother I've escaped
Its your turn for our swinging blade

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