And The Zombie Says - text

The boy was strangely different from the others
He'd meet her in the woods
The werewolf girl and witches son were lovers,
A match that can not be good
Moonlight - wolf bite
The boy was getting ill, his heart was going still
The spell his mother cast - from death, she brought him back
Nothing's forever, nothing is ever meant to last
Trying hard as hell to get it back
Time has no meaning when love means more than life
And the zombie says...
Village kids avoid the woods, not Lizzy
That's why she's on a plate
Following the witches trail was easy, the mob will be on its way
Oven baked Lizzy steaks
Their differences aside, on Lizzy they now dine
They raise a glass of wine and toast eternal life
The Vampire took a bite and then he felt the burn:
"You hag, it's garlic spice you used to season her!"
"You hag! You poisoned that!
You really thought I could be offed?!
Let me get this straight... Could it really be
You're planning mutiny... In Demonarchy?"
Vampire stared them down, Witch proudly stood her ground
Werewolf let out a growl, Demonarchy unbound
And the zombie said...

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