Angry Eyes - text

Time, time and again
I've seen you starin' out at me.

Now, then and again, I wonder
What it is that you see

With those Angry Eyes.
Well, I bet you wish you could
Cut me down with those Angry Eyes...

You want to believe that
I am not the same as you.
I can't concieve, oh no,
What it is you're tryin' to do


What a shot you could be if
You could shoot at me
With those Angry Eyes...

You tried to defend that
You are not the one to blame.

But I'm finding it hard, my friend,
When I'm in the deadly aim
Of those Angry Eyes.


What a shot you could be
If you could shoot at me
With those Angry Eyes...

You have never stopped to realize
Blindness binds us together in the foster skies.
Can you see me through those Angry Eyes?

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