Don't Walk Away - text

Don't walk away, walk away, walk away, boy
Please don't walk away, walk away, walk away, boy
Touch my body, hold me closer,
Take me now and make me love tonight
Don't walk away, walk away, walk away
Please don't walk away

since you left me
Know that you're about to let me go
Don't like to stay with me no more
You better leave our love before
Our love is still moving on
And there's no way to carry on
Oh no I beg you on my knees
Give me a chance to tell you please

I know that I did something wrong
But I'm just sad so all alone
You have to work so many nights
I really need someone nice
I wanted you why can't you see
I need your lovin next to me
I promise anything you want
Please stay with my I hold you

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