Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) - text

Migan asbet rafighe rooze jange
Mo migooyom azoo behtar tofange
Svaare bi tofang ghodrat nadaare
Svaar vaghti tofang daare svaare

Tofange daste noghream raa forookhtam
Baraaye del ghabaaye terme dookhtam
Ferestaadom baraayom pas ferestaad
Tofange daste noghream daad-o-bidaad

[the silver-stock gun]
They say your charger is your pal on the day of battle
I say even better is a gun
A cavalryman without a gun is without vigour
A cavalryman is one when he's got a gun

I sold my silver-stock gun
Sewed a Termeh frock for my love
Sent it to her, she returned it to me
My silver-stock gun...

[Termeh is a Persian textile]
[The very last phrase "daad-o-bidaad" is impossible to translate, it expresses deep regret for something lost]

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