Don't Break My Heart - text

Baby baby
A baby
Don't break my heart

Will you come and safe me?
Wanna be your lady
Give me love, amaze me
Baby, I feel
Kiss you in the evening
Hug you in the morning
Have you thinking god damn
We're out of control

Baby baby
A baby
Don't break my heart

You know I've been feeling
Like this is the beginning
Wanna know you love me
Like you say you do
Risking you say no
There is a no you never know
What broke me once before
(I can't go for less)

What I feel won't go away
So you better be here to stay
I want to fall this heart as bricks
So don't pull tricks on me
When I get down
You breaks me inside
Be mine..

Let me love you
Like I want to
Let me love you
Like I want to
Like I want to
Cause I need you

A baby
A baby baby
Ey baby boy
You drive me crazy out of my head
I can't just be your friend
So I have to make you understand
What I want from you
What I need from you
What is gonna be
What you want from me

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