Missed Calls w/ Mackned - text

[Lil Peep]
I don't want to say it but I had to
Good drugs on me but I'm bad news
Goth boy clique in the back to
Got a tattoo baby cuz I had to, missed call

[Lil Peep]
All black benz smokin' gas too
I'm a hurt you bad till i have you
I'm a have you, baby I'm a have you, all mine
I would take a life for you if i had to

Say I got her mind racing like a track meet
And my niggas blunt lacing on the back street
Goth boy clique in the back room
Take a sip of this, it change your attitude
[Kurt Cobeezy?] in the streets there ain't no substitutes
[Kurt Cobeezy foreign mansion?] with a prostitute
Is there heaven for a thug, is there heaven for you
[Therapy for me?] is gettin' hit with tattoo's
I'm a goth boy but I keep a strap too
Goth boy baby yea i had to
All the racks and recognition all overdue
When the xanny hit my system, I'm so over you
When the burn kill my system I'm so over you
Made a promise to my niggas I'm a see it through
Big body dripping on them all white, all white
Like that good she playing with all night, all night yeah

[Lil Peep]
Rain falls, missed calls (4x)

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