River Gal - text

River gal, river gal
Won't you say you'll be my pal
Settle down now, be a good gal
It ain't gonna be long

Sit you down by my bed,
Downy pillow for my head
You believe now what I said
Oh river gal

I'm a gambling man, you can see
Riverboat's been the death of me
I had a little ace card up my sleeve
Somebody found out

River gal, got no family
I don't know who'll bury me
Tell the coroner where I'll be
Oh river gal

River gal, what's your name
Give me little drink to ease my pain
I promise I won't gamble again
Oh river gal

River gal, 'fore I go
Kiss me once and whisper low
Tell me I'm the best man you ever knowed
Oh river gal
Oh river gal

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