Foxfire - text

Like a foxfire softly glowing
In the stillness of the night
In the green grass of the marshland
Where I first beheld its light
It was almost like a dream fire
For it burned so quickly there
In the silence of the evening
Amid the stillness of the air

In the green grass of the marshland
Lived a fair and tender one
Beside the still waters
Our lives had just begun
And the sweet love that she gave me
Set a fire within my soul
Like a thousand tiny foxfires
That burned with a single flame of gold

'Twas a dark night in the swampland
When she disappeared from sight
And the sheriff and the posse
They searched all through the night
But we never, ever found her
Though we searched and searched again
Like a foxfire in the moonlight
She was lost and never seen again

Like a foxfire softly burning
Like a candle glowing in the dark
Was the love light that she gave me
That died in the quicksand of my heart

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