Pekambe Uk (Wheat Harvesting Song) - text

Taken from the album 'Ihunke' (2001).

Wonderful piece of Aino music. The Aino are Japan's indigenious people. The song was used in the anime 'Samurai Champloo', episode 17 'Lullabies of the Lost (Vers 2)', which is dedicated to her memory.

Performed by the great Umeko Ando (November 20, 1932- July 15, 2004), singer and mukkuri player (traditional 'jaw harp-like' instrument made of bamboo).
May She Rest In Peace.

Thig crioch air an t-saoghal ach mairidh gaol is cèol.
The world may end but love and music will endure. (Gaelic proverb)

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