South Eletric Eyes - text

Said the scalawag to the carpetbagger,
“Let’s hatch a plot so ‘cloak and dagger’
A few monkey trials in a kangaroo court
Kill the hoi polloi and the real McCoys.”

So the twang-fakers and the fat cats
Started hobnobbin’ and the Dixiecrats,
The Kentucky Colonels and the Ku Klux Klan
Got knocked a new tune outta La La Land.

As the swirling beam of the signal feed
Cuts the night into moonbow rings,
Sad individuals keep the blue light vigil
And believe the shows are between their commercials.

So the salt of the earth turns scum of the earth
With the altar-ego of the Christless church.
All left to waller in the squalor of the holler
With a redneck ring around a blue collar.

So I stayed up late at the fever pitch
To see the lamps dim when they threw the switch.
The rabble and cabal on both sides of town
Had a ball when they drove old Dixie down.

Don’t believe the lies,
Wake up and rise!
Came as no surprise
To these South Electric Eyes!

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