That's how much - text


That's how much, that's how much(x4)

[Verse 1]
Whatever, I know you been working hard
And you feel like I disregard
Walking down the boulevard
VISA and MasterCard
My, my, my baby
I don't mean to make you feel that way
I be on my grind all day
Trying to get signed some day
You, me and Yves Louis will
Be a little family
Whether it's here or overseas
I wanna get you whatever you please
Cause if my kid doesn't get whatever I did
From the money I'll make then that's some shit
Cause family funds are cool, okay
But I never wanna have to say


[Verse 2]
Still fresh, still clean
Two years passed in the music scene
And L-E-F-T now goes on top of every single playlist that you got
Cause I been putting the work in, so now get to the booking
No woman in the world is more deserving than you, Marie
You raised our kid, you stood in for me
You made sure that nothing possibly could ever go above Yves Louis
You're the best, I swear
And that little boy is the best right there
And I'll make sure that the guests next year
At the birthday party with the Wests will there
Ush bring, Jay-Z will bring Blue and Beyoncé
I'm gonna sing

That's how much I love you, baby
That's how much
That's how much I love you, baby
That's how much (x2)
To the moon and back
That's how much
To the moon and back
That's how much, baby
To the moon and back (x4)
That's how much I love you, baby
I love you, baby

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