A Milli - text

[Verse 1]
I got a (milli) views on my video
(A milli, a milli)
Ah oooh are you kidding? NO
Cool like the wind of snow
Winner like I'm killing foes
Sinning with dominican women, I mean I'm really so
Next level evolution at its best
Ten (milli) revolutions in the minute, am I stressed? NO
Touching on her breasts? YES
Cesspool type of sick
Rap is like a high school and mine is the dopest clique
Who got the biggest dick?
Uhm, probably not me
But I fold them girls up like they're origami
Mister Miagi, I got a maserati you can clean
Deaf people tell me I'm the best they've ever seen
And those that have heard, say the flow is absurd
And the swag is obscene
Cause I'm fly like a bird
Ferdinand's the man
I do what I can
Thank you to every single Left Boy fan.

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Video přidala Johanka-_-


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