I Am - text

I am the breath behind your neck
I am the devil on your back
A little demon in your mind

I am the harvester of hate
A twilight entity of wraith
I always sneak up from behind

The dark anxiety of sin
Is always growing deep within
I am the source, its pounding heart

I am the king of suicide
All that you've lost and tried to hide
I am the master of the art
I'm evil

Seducing, misleading
Disaffected, deceiving
I control your emotions
I set free your mindless - lives

The harvester of hate

I am the figment of your brain
My mission is to cause you pain
I love to do the things you hate

Take a leap you can not flee
Deliver me your misery
I will vanish, you'll be free
I'm evil

The harvester of hate

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