Ball Hugger - text

Ball hugger, ball hugger, ball hugger, Bo!
This one goes out to all the hard-asses
who think their holier than thou.
I get a kick out of you when I go out.
Playing in the sandbox with the well-endowed.
Kiss that kiss-hug that hug.
A ball hugger’s work is never done.
Well don’t forget we remember everything you say.
You look and feel like you have lost ya way.
Like a fool you answer all of my ways.
You find a fool and live for another day.
You get along in tricks, just to get your kicks.
Do everything I said just to get along.
One heart that’s cold, one heart that’s sold.
Hey lets watch that punk try to stand proud (well-endowed) Well don’t forget we remember everything that you say.
With your look and appeal like the undead.
One heart that’s hypocritical, a personality that’s cynical.
You don’t want to rest yet, you don’t want to rest your way

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