Raggedy JAne - text

She crawls in through the window
Forgot her key again
Always kinda scattered
'Til that pillow meets her head
A woman she's a child
Just a girl who' lost her way..
Driftin' in life's ocean
That's Raggedy Jane..
(Ahh... ahh... ahh...)

She's got a sweet young lover
An' he tries to calm 'er fears
A bandage on the hurt
But a reminder of the years
And everyday she's older..
An' everyday she stays the same
Caught in the chain
Raggedy Jane

What's your name...
Ah-ha Jane...
What's your name...
You never change
(Raggedy Jane)
Caught in the chain..

And she cries..
Like a frightened little angel
In an angry sky...
Searchin' for salvation
She's never gonna find
Cuz she's reachin' out reachin' out
Instead of reachin' inside....

Now she's feelin' worn an' broken
Like a used up old toy
Never tears of joy
For Raggedy Jane
Trustin' everythin' to fate
An' believin' her own lies
She gets fed up
But she never tries..
That's Raggedy Jane..
Caught in the chain..
Raggedy Jane


Raggedy Jane..
Oh.. what a shame

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