Hall Of Ice - text

If it's not possible to change people's minds,
we might as well just spin on ice.
Spin around until we die,
I can read it in their eyes.
They disagree with all my likes
and I will never understand why.
Please go out with me tonight
far awaz from the steetlights.
I need you in the hall of ice
I need you to be on my side.
Save frozen heart of mine
spin around until we die.

Ich möchte mich mit dir verlaufen.

Ich möchte eiskunstlaufen.

We should leave the house tonight
and lose our digital life
I meet you in the hall of ice
and all the complaints of mine
the disbeliefs in human kind
I put it all in ice.

Ich möchte mich mit dir verlaufen.
Wenn wir eiskunstlaufen.

Text přidala Moonlight

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