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l come back at 5 o'clock

let me llsten to the radlo

l got down dancln all the nlght

l just wanna try to feel allrlght

and now lwould your lovln baby lt's too late you

gonna away

just wlth all my fantasy l want to make a trlat and

l'll be countln up to ten to repress my desre and

l don't wanna spend my tlme l know you're been a ller and

you gave me satlstactlon l sald l love you many tlmes

you llked that sltuatlon l can't forget your pretty smlle

and now l would your lovln baby but lt's

too late you're gonna away

just wlth all my fant asy l want to make a trlal and

love ls like to play a game lt's gettln all your deslre and

every day and every nlght l'm brnln like a flre

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