Left Behind - text

My world is gone,
Devastated and empty of people... quiet.

Not a word,
Not a single sound has been uttered.
I was left behind, all alone.
How will I face this?
Will I find my path again?

I try to break the silence,
No one's there to hear me.
Hunting for a sign of life and I am
Searching for an answer,
Looking for a haven.
Will I find a way out?
Will I find a home?

My world is silent and so cold,
Devoid of life and joy.

I thought I heard voices, far away.
Were they real or just a lie?

Is my life a lie?
Can I break the silence?
Where are all the people?
Will I find my way home?

I will live my life!
I will break the silence!
I will find the people!
I will find my way home!

I will not surrender!
I will find my way home!

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