I'd Be Your Wife - text

These are my hands
These are all that I've got
I've looked around
And you're the one that I want

I'm not very clever
but I got a little spark of a heart
That's waiting for you to start

And I'd be your wife [3x]

You're the song I've been singing
All of my life
I'm glad you gave this thing a try
I knew you right for me, right from the start

Especially when you said you liked NPR
And sleeping in and drinking coffee
And playing Scrabble and being really cute

And I'd be your wife [4x]

Your hands are my home
Your hips are my home

Believe me, I'm not leaving [3x]

I'm sure [9x]
I'm sure this time

Text přidal Devilxxx

Video přidal Devilxxx

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