Invisible (My Song) - text

I keep loosing my faith
(don’t loose it!)
I keep trying again
(don’t let you fall!)
I keep taking the blame
(don’’t take it!)
I can’t give it away
(Its not your fault!)
You might not know what I mean
(don’t loose It!)
But you know what I believe in
(don’t let you fall!)
I cant give you my cause
(don’t take It!)
I’m just saying because

Invisible rat holes
You cant catch them
the guilty are invisible
Invisible so you cant catch them!

(you have it, you’re strong enough!)
(You have it! It’s in your hart!)

They keep turning away
(you have it)
I cant help I’m afraid
(you’re strong enough)
Give me power to fight
(you have it)
O I wish we would try
(you have It)

I keep playing my part
all I know is my song
all I’m trying to say is
I can’t live their way
I can’t live their way!!

Invisible rat holes
You can’t catch them
the guilty are invisible
I can’t catch them!

(and when I play on
and when I play it all falls trough me
all is in control)

Who doesn’t and who matters?

Text přidala Joannie

Video přidala Joannie

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