Hunchback - text

I got a hunchback, big as a humpback whale
Ain't a damn man on earth now could cure it

In the morning I'm begging please
And I've got a will, yeah, know what baby I'm a hunchback

You shot me up and left me
Flopping and flipping around like a fish on a ship
You know the kind I'm talking about
Flopping and flipping around like a fish along the sand
You left me
Flopping for dead uptown like when a fish drowns outta water
You left a man neck deep in dirty water and turned your back when he was down, down

Oh, I've got a hangover, make you just want to keel over
You don't gotta stick a four-leaf clover in your pants, you got no chance
But in the morning I'm pleading, please
I've got a will, yeah we know by now, big as my hunchback

To get up on top these days, you gotta be a low life drifter, so
Slither up just like a snake upon a spiral staircase

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