Crazy - text

Can't you see what I can't hide
I feel so good when I'm by your side
You keep spinning me round
You're making me crazy
My love for you is growing strong
I can't deny it cause it's been so long
I keep hanging around
Cause your making me crazy


You're making me crazy
I've never felt this way before
I love you I'm crazy
I'm feeling so high I can touch the sky
From your love

When I'm down, you pick me up
You give me peace when I'm serious
But you keep spinning me round
You're making me crazy

Don't you know I'm the only one
To share your dreams with a life of love
I'll keep hanging around
Cause you're making me crazy


I'm floating round, across the sky
Flying high, in the clouds
My love for you, makes me high
Very high

Chorus out

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